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Sunday, May 20, 2018

US pulls out of UN Global Compact on Migration

If we let the UN that is loaded with socialist islamic countries decide our immigration policies, then the United States would soon become like what is seen in Sweden and France and other European countries where hundreds of thousands of migrants mostly Islamic are flooding into Europe bringing with them their evil ideology called Islam. Muslims refuse to assimilate into the culture that takes them in so why shouldn't we refuse to allow them to enter our country. Besides the US takes in more immigrants each year then any other country. Why hasn't the UN ever asked Saudi Arabia or other rich Islamic countries to take in their shave of the migrants?  Dont you think that Muslims would want to be with their own kind.   The truth is, Islamic countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others want to flood the west with their Islamic doctrine. They want an Islamic Caliphate. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Why FREE SPEECH IS DEAD (Not Dying) in Western Europe

I've been blocked by Facebook for over three weeks now.

For those who might have wondered why they haven't seen any posts of mine lately on Facebook, its due to Facebook's politically correct police once again blocking me for something I had posted in the past that was deemed offensive to Muslims. But as we all know, most anything offends the savages. Imagine if Christians had a rule that forbid the drawing of a picture of Jesus with a death penalty for anyone who drew such a picture. Islam is a sick ideology that brainwashes its followers from birth. Women are treated as second class and they can be stoned to death for committing crimes that men can get a pass on for the same crimes. Honor killing is condoned by Islam. Yes its good to kill your daughter if she disobeys the parents or dishonors them for failing to live under Islams laws.  

I should be back to posting shortly on Facebook but I expect the PC police already have something they found from the past to once again block my posting. Sadly the day of Free speech doesn't apply to Islam. Muslims have no sense of humor. All they know is killing as we witnessed again this week in France and again in Indonesia.  Islam is not a religion. It's an ideology just like Communism or Socialism.  

For all those who view my blog, thanks again and keep spreading the truth about Islam. 


An 8th Amnesty That Gives Chain Migration?

Tell Congress you oppose Chain migration. We elected President Trump because we wanted a boarder wall built. We also wanted an end to Birth right citizenship as well as an end to Chain migration. The deep state in the GOP continues to work with Democrats that goes against the wishes of us voters.